Two Amps To Cabinet Switcher

Introducing the Two Amps To Cabinet Switcher – a versatile routing system with numerous capabilities including FX-Loop. Its main function lies in toggling between two amplifiers and a single speaker cabinet. Amplifier switching becomes effortless via the footswitch or MIDI while playing. The passive signal routing is built on top-notch relays and lacks active components. This ensures complete electrical isolation for the connected amplifiers, eliminating any possibility of ground loops. The result is a pure, transparent sound, unaffected by coloration or the interference of ground loops. Whether you are a musician, a sound engineer, or a home studio owner, the N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet amplifier cabinet switcher is a reliable and flexible solution that delivers outstanding results. This amplifier cabinet switcher is compatible with all amplifier types, including tube amplifiers, solid-state amplifiers, and bridged mono (floating outputs) amplifiers. It offers robust hardware protections, including dummy loads for the non-working amplifier, ensuring that your amplifiers stay safe.


  • No sound degradation, hum, noise or latency.
  • A new circuit minimizes switching pops when toggling between the amplifiers.
  • Full galvanic isolation between the amplifiers.
  • Guarantee 100% amplifier protection: Grounded input and loaded output for unused amplifiers.
  • Passive relay switching: No active components for a clean signal path.
  • MIDI control: External control for added convenience.
  • Universal compatibility: Works with any tube, solid-state, and mono-bridge amplifiers like Kemper, Orange Micro Terror, BIAS, JOYO Bantamp, and more.
  • Flexable switching: Supports flexibility including FX-Loop switching, MONO or STEREO amp switching, and switching between two cabinets.

The N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet is a reliable switching system supported several devices for your specific requirements. The MONO set includes a relay unit and a foot controller, while the STEREO set features two relay units and a foot controller. Both setups can be extended with the new FX-Loop unit.


Switching between two guitar amplifiers including FX-Loop effects:

Two Amps To Cabinet FX-Loop

This sketch illustrates the complete Two Amps To Cabinet FX-Loop switching system, allowing you to alternate between two amplifiers while maintaining the same FX-Loop effects in your signal chain. The FX-Loop unit is compatible with the older N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet switchers and is available for separate purchases to enhance your existing setup. This blog section provides helpful tips for working with this configuration.

Switching between two guitar amplifiers to one cabinet – MONO set:

Switching between two guitar amplifiers connected to a single cabinet – MONO set
This setup is likely the most frequently utilized combination. Here, you connect two amplifiers and a single speaker cabinet to the switcher. The footswitch enables you to switch between both amplifiers in real time, allowing switching while performing on stage or recording in the studio.

Switching between two sets of amplifiers and cabinets – STEREO set:

Switching between two sets of mono amplifiers and cabinets – STEREO set

The Two Amps To Cabinet switcher can control a STEREO setup. The footswitch has two output for controlling up to two relay units. In this configuration, a pair of amplifiers and a cabinet exists on the left side, mirrored by another set on the right side. The footswitch facilitates the simultaneous switching of amplifiers on both sides, employing the same switching method as described in the mono version above. To prevent ground loop issues, I strongly recommend using a galvanically isolated DI box placed as shown.

Switching between two guitar amplifiers connected to a single cabinet – stereo set:

2 Amps Stereo Set
This example is a variation of the previous one. On the left side, the amplifier switcher toggles between two amplifiers connected to a single cabinet. On the right side, a single amplifier switches the signal to one of the two cabinets linked to the switcher. Additionally, I highly recommend using an isolated DI box in this example.

Switching between two stereo amplifiers to two cabinets:

Switching between two stereo amplifiers to two – left and right mono cabinets
Using two cabinets and two stereo amplifiers in this example. The switcher toggles, connecting one stereo amplifier to both cabinets in one state, and the other state links the second amplifier to the cabinets.

Switching between two cabinets connected to a single amplifier:

Switching between two cabinets connected to a single amplifier

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to switch the signal from one amplifier to two cabinets. In this scenario, the guitar plugs directly into the amplifier, utilizing only the jacks on the rear side of the relay box.

Switching between two guitar combos:

Switching between two guitar combos
Use the Two Amps To Cabinet Switcher for switching between two gutar combos. In this case, the rear side of the relay box remains unused.

Using a power attenuator:

Using a power attenuator as a master attenuator or for one amplifier only

The N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet is a flexible guitar switching system enabling you to integrate your power attenuator to the whole rig. Two configurations are available: Firstly, the power attenuator can serve as a master attenuator, attenuating the signal from both amplifiers. In this arrangement, position the power attenuator before of the cabinet. Alternatively, you can use the power attenuator only for one amplifier, resulting in signal reduction solely for the chosen amplifier. To implement this setup, place the power attenuator after the speaker output of the selected amplifier and the relay unit of the switcher.

For the best performance of your N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet switcher, I recommend placing the relay unit near your amplifiers. You can even position it on top of them. I highly recommend you read the article from the blog section where you can find useful tips for using guitar cabinet switchers.

Programming the N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet switcher with MIDI is easy. The foot controller receives MIDI messages and saves them to presets. To program, simply press and hold the foot switch until the MIDI LED starts flashing, then send the desired MIDI message from your MIDI controller.

The N-audio Two Amps To Cabinet switcher is compatible with any guitar or bass amplifier. The maximum power rating depends on the amplifier’s maximum power and the speaker cabinet’s impedance. You can use an 800W amplifier with an 8 or 16 Ohm speaker impedance. However, using more than a 400W amplifier to drive a 4 Ohm cabinet is not allowed.


  • Dimensions: Footcontroller W/D/H – 6/10/4 cm, Control unit W/D/H – 10/11/3.5 cm
  • Power supply: BOSS style 9-12VDC adapter /center negative/ Not included in the box.
  • Current consumption: Mono version – 120mA, Stereo version – 240mA
  • 16 Amps rated speaker relays
  • Supported tube, solid-state, and bridge 
  • Designed and handcrafted in Europe
  • Lifetime warranty

from 230 incl. VAT and Free Shipping