Magnetic Pole detector

The N-Audio Magnetic Pole Detector is a valuable tool for luthiers, guitar pickup builders, and anyone involved in electronic guitar repairs. This simple device can detect both the north and south poles of any magnet. Just position its sensor tip near the guitar pickup, and an LED will indicate the magnet’s polarity.

Why would you need to check the magnetic pole?

This tool provides the easiest way to determine whether there is hum cancellation when using two single pickups in parallel. If the magnetic poles of two guitar pickups are oriented in opposite directions, they will function as a humbucker. For instance, if you have a set of three Fender Stratocaster pickups, you can swiftly identify the middle pickup. It is the one with the opposite magnetic pole compared to the other two.

Another scenario where this tool proves essential is when splitting a humbucker and using half of it in parallel with the next pickup on your guitar. Use that part of the humbucker that has the opposite magnetic pole from the next one for hum canceling.

Why is the N-Audio magnetic pole detector better than others?

Many magnet polarity testers on the market contain a small neodymium magnet. Its magnetic force is so strong that it could potentially slightly affect the magnetic force of the Alnico magnets commonly used in guitar pickups. In contrast, the N-audio Magnetic Pole Detector utilizes a precision and much more sensitive sensor that detects magnetic force without altering it. If you wish to preserve the existing tone of your Alnico pickups, this is your best solution!

Magnetic polarity tester for guitar pickups

This unit can determine the magnet’s polarity and polarity orientation or locate hidden magnets inside electronic devices. The small sensor tip is designed to fit into narrow spaces, making it useful in various situations. In addition to detecting the magnetic field in guitar pickups, it can also be used in various industries to check the magnetic field of speakers, electric motors, and more. It’s also suitable for conducting experiments involving magnets with both weak and strong magnetic fields.

The Pole Detector is based on an ultra-low power consumption precision hall sensor with a current consumption of 4uA. A single CR2032 battery should last for 10 years when idle. Together with the N-audio Guitar Pickup Phase Checker, you will have everything for proper guitar pickup analysis.



  • Minimum magnetic flux detection: 20 Gauss /2 mT/
  • Current draw: 4uA
  • Device dimensions: 10 x 2 cm
  • Compatible with any 20mm coin cell battery like CR2016, CR2020, CR2025, and CR2032. (Recommended: CR2032)
  • Battery not included.
  • Packaging: Metal box


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