4X4 Amp Cabinet Switcher

Looking for a budget-friendly solution for your guitar switching needs? Look no further than the smaller version of the 8X7 Amplifier Cabinet Switcher. The 4X4 Amp Cabinet Switcher can support up to 4 external amplifiers, a switchable external power attenuator, and up to 4 cabinets, making it the perfect choice for home guitar players, YouTubers, small bands, and studios who need to make quick A-B comparisons between guitar gear.

Just like its larger counterpart, the 8X7 switcher, this unit has built-in protections and all the necessary software and hardware implementations to keep your amplifiers safe. The only difference is the reduced number of supported amplifiers and cabinets, as well as their size.

Overall, the 4X4 Amp Cabinet Switcher is a reliable and cost-effective solution for anyone looking to switch between multiple amplifiers and cabinets without the hassle of manually routing cables. Its compact size and built-in protections make it a great choice for home studios, small bands, and guitar enthusiasts alike.

4X4 Amp Cabinet Switcher Features:

  • Supports up to 4 tube, solid-state, or bridged mono (floating ground) amplifiers or combos
  • Supports up to 4 speaker cabinets
  • Switchable power attenuator insert and silent recording
  • Front and rear inputs
  • Passive tuner output
  • Ability to drive up to 3 cabinets in parallel simultaneously
  • Hardware and software protections for your gear
  • Quick and easy MIDI control and programming
  • Optional brackets available for 1U rack installation

Quick diagram:

Quick diagram: 4X4 Amp Cabinet Switcher

The N-audio 4X4 amplifier cabinet switching system is designed to work with any guitar or bass amplifier. The maximum power rating is determined by the power relays inside the unit and is dependent on your amplifier’s maximum power and the speaker cabinet’s impedance. While it is possible to switch to an amplifier with a power rating of over 1000W with an 8 Ohm speaker impedance, it is not recommended to use an amplifier with a power rating of over 400W with 2 Ohm speakers.

For flawless work with your switcher, check the tips for using guitar cabinet switchers article from the blog section.

One of the advantages of owning the N-audio 4X4 Amp cabinet switcher is its impressive software interface, allowing seamless control from a computer. This software is highly customizable, enabling users to personalize it by adding their preferred presets, complete with a diverse range of colors and custom labels. In order to do that, simply connect your computer to the 4×4 Amp cabinet switcher using a MIDI cable.

4X4 Amp Cabinet Switcher Windows Control Software


  • Dimensions: W:30cm, H:4.5cm, D:13cm
  • Available brackets for 19″ 1U rack installation
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Mains power supply: Universal mains power supply 90-260VAC
  • Power consumption: Max 10W @ 110VAC, Max 5W @ 230VAC
  • Input impedance: 10 Meg. No active electronics.
  • 16 Amps rated speaker relays
  • Designed and handcrafted in Europe
  • Lifetime warranty

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