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Welcome to N-audio where creativity meets precision. Designed for musicians, engineers, and performers, our premium electronics deliver unrivaled quality and reliability. Elevate your audio, from studio to stage.

8X7 Guitar Amp Cabinet Switcher

Unlock boundless possibilities with the 8X7 Amp Cabinet Switcher. Designed for discerning musicians and professional studios, it’s the ultimate choice to effortlessly switch between up to 8 amplifiers and 7 cabinets. With a switchable power attenuator, MIDI and software control, and extended capacity, it’s the industry standard and the preferred pick for studios and shops looking to test a wide range of amplifiers with ease.

PRICE: €1099
8X7 Guitar Amp Cabinet Switcher

4X4 Guitar Amp Cabinet Switcher

Elevate your amplifier switching experience and say goodbye to cable chaos. Explore a world of possibilities with the N-Audio 4X4 Amp Cabinet Switcher, the ideal tool for guitar enthusiasts, home studios, small bands, and more. It supports up to 4 amplifiers and cabinets, an external power attenuator, and offers MIDI and software remote control for added convenience.

PRICE: €710
4X4 Guitar Amp Cabinet Switcher

Two Amps to Cabinet Switcher with FX-loop

Enjoy tonal versatility with the Two Amps To Cabinet switcher. Quickly toggle between two amplifiers while preserving your unique tone. Complete with MIDI support and popless switching, it’s an essential tool for musicians, live playing, and home studios. Now supporting FX-Loop switching.

Two Amps to Cabinet Switcher


A versatile splitter, Di box, guitar buffer, and line isolator with two transformer-isolated outputs.

PRICE: €199
Isolated Guitar Splitter / Di Box

Guitar Pickup Phase Checker

Check the guitar pickup phase easily with this handy tool. Perfect for luthiers, repair shops, and DIYers.

PRICE: €30
Guitar Pickup Phase Checker

Magnetic Pole detector

A valuable tool for luthiers, guitar pickup builders, and anyone involved in electronic guitar repairs. This simple device can detect both the north and south poles of any magnet.

PRICE: €29
Magnetic Pole Detector magnet polarity tester front

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D. Burns

The sound is clean, I have absolutely no buzz, hum or any other issues. In fact, it’s like the Amp Cabinet Switcher is not even there. I was worried the old Marshall might not take to the switcher, but I’m happy to say all my amps sound just the same as if I plugged straight into them. Thanks again for making this wonderful product. It makes dealing with all these amps a thing of joy, rather than a burden, especially since it helps me have a huge variety of sound at the push of a button – and no cables re-arrange all the time. Nice job N-audio!

C. Anthony

Ever since I started using the N-audio Two Amps to Cabinet Switcher, my guitar rig has reached new heights of versatility and tone. This switcher has become an essential part of my setup, allowing me to seamlessly blend different amplifier tones and create a unique sonic palette. The build quality is top-notch, and I can rely on it for flawless performance in both studio sessions and live performances. I love the ability to switch between two amplifiers with ease, without any signal loss or tonal compromise. It has opened up a whole new world of sonic possibilities for me

M. Bastian

The N-audio 8×7 Switcher is a blessing in the studio and makes my everyday-life so much easier! Not only is it easy to use, it also works flawlessly with each and every single one of my vintage amps, which sadly is not a given with other amp switchers on the market. The one I used before the N-Audio would not work with my 1967 Marshall JTM50 at all and would make all sorts of strange noises. But even this picky amp plays like a charme with the N-Audio 8×7. All the safety features let me sleep like a baby at night, even though having connected a small fortune in rare vintage amps to the 8×7. The idea to make the attenuator loop programmable is ingenious and it even lets you use 3 cabinets at a time, which really comes in handy, with my always mic‘d and ready to go Leslie 16 in the studio. Also: Niki is a great guy and is always very helpful and takes care of his customers! I could not be happier!

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