8X7 Amp Cabinet Switcher

The N-audio 8X7 Guitar Amp Switcher is an essential tool for quickly switching between guitar amps and cabinets without the need for manual routing of cables. With the capability to handle up to 8 amplifiers, an external power attenuator, and up to 7 speaker cabinets, this switcher is the ideal choice for those who want to make quick shootouts between multiple amps and cabinets.

Whether you’re a live performer, a recording artist, or a music store owner, the 8X7 Guitar Amp Switcher is the perfect solution for testing or comparing multiple devices with ease. It is compatible with any type of guitar amp or combo, including tube, solid-state, and bridged amplifiers, and comes equipped with all the necessary hardware and logic protection to ensure your amplifier stays safe.

Featuring relay routing in the signal path, the 8X7 Guitar Amp Switcher provides a pure tone without the use of any active electronics. Additionally, the switcher utilizes a special circuit that suppresses any popping sounds when switching between amps or cabinets, ensuring a seamless transition without any dead spots.

In summary, the N-Audio 8X7 Guitar Amp Switcher is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to quickly and easily switch between multiple amps and cabinets while maintaining a pure tone and without any unwanted noise.


  • Supports up to 8 tube, solid state, or bridge (floating ground) guitar amps or combos
  • Supports up to 7 speaker cabinets
  • Switchable master power attenuator insert and silent recording capabilities. Works with Fryette, Universal Audio OX, Boss WAZA Tube Amp Expander or any active or passive power attenuator.
  • Front and rear guitar inputs, plus a passive tuner output for added convenience
  • Can drive up to three cabinets in parallel simultaneously
  • Hardware dummy loads and software protections for all amplifiers to ensure equipment safety
  • Quick and easy MIDI control and programming for versatility in the studio or on stage

8×7 amp cabinet switcher wiring diagram:

Quick Diagram: 8X7 Amp Cabinet Switcher

When it comes to using tube guitar amps, it’s crucial to connect a suitable load to the speaker output during operation. This is where the speaker comes in handy while playing. To ensure the safety of your equipment, the 8X7 Amp Cabinet Switcher has several built-in safety features. All bypassed amplifiers have muted inputs and outputs that are connected to independent resistive loads. Additionally, a constant resistive load is connected to the speaker output signal chain, ensuring that your amplifier is always protected.

The 8X7 Amp Cabinet Switcher is compatible with almost all guitar and bass amplifiers, but it’s important to note that the maximum power rating will depend on your amplifier’s maximum power and the speaker cabinet’s impedance. For example, you can switch a 1000W amplifier with an 8 Ohm speaker impedance. However, it’s not recommended to use a more powerful amplifier (over 400W) with just 2 speakers.

Each speaker output jack on the 8X7 Amp Cabinet Switcher has sensing circuitry that detects the presence of a plugged-in jack. Once a jack is plugged into a corresponding cabinet output, a green LED will indicate that it’s enabled.

Overall, the 8X7 Amp Cabinet Switcher provides a safe and reliable way to switch between multiple amplifiers and cabinets while protecting your equipment from damage.

For flawless work with your switcher, check this article from the blog section where you can find useful tips for using guitar cabinet switchers.


  • Dimensions: 19″ 1U rack unit W:48.2cm, H:4.5cm, D:13cm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Mains power supply: Universal mains power supply 90-260VAC
  • Power consumption: Max 10W @ 110VAC, Max 5W @ 230VAC
  • Input impedance: 10 Meg. No active buffers through the signal path
  • Tuner output impedance: 10 kOhm
  • Designed and handcrafted in Europe
  • Lifetime warranty

1099 incl. VAT and Free Shipping