Powerbox Mk2 Stompbox Power Supply

The N-audio Powerbox Mk2 is a versatile linear stompbox power supply for guitar effects, featuring a high-quality transformer based supply with five independent galvanically isolated output groups that can power up to ten pedals. Its switchable output voltage, necessary for effects that require different voltages, and galvanic isolation guarantee a decrease in noise and ground loop issues, providing a noise free sound. Compact, durable, and reliable, this power supply is the ideal solution for any guitarist looking to power multiple pedals with ease.

Powerbox Mk2 features:

Powerbox Mk2 pedalboard power supply for effect features

9/12 VDC (Outputs 1-4)
These outputs can deliver up to 500mA of current per group, making them ideal for powering high current pedals such as multi-effect units, programmable loopers, and delays from top brands like Strymon, Eventide, TC Electronics, Line6, and more. Moreover, they work seamlessly with low power effects as well.

9/15/18/24 VDC (Outputs 5 and 6)
These outputs can power a wide range of effects, including some 24-volt Electro-Harmonix units and 18-volt boosters/overdrive pedals like the Cmat mods Browne. They can also handle 15-volt Radial Tonebone effects and high-current 9 VDC effects from top brands like Strymon, Eventide, TC Electronics, Line6, and more. Additionally, they work seamlessly with low-power effects.

Ultra-low noise 9.5 VDC (Outputs 7-10)
With ultra-low noise levels of less than 130dB at 5mA current consumption, these outputs are perfect for powering sensitive, low-power analog pedals like wah pedals, overdrive pedals, boosters, distortion pedals, compressors, and more. Each group can deliver up to 100mA of current, providing ample power for a variety of effects.

What’s in the box:

The Powerbox Mk2 comes in a kit that includes all the necessary cables for powering effects, including:

  • Standard IEC power cord with EU, UK, or US plug
  • Eight standard black cables with a diameter of ø5.5/ø2.1 mm and a length of 50 cm
  • Two (red and blue) cables with a diameter of ø5.5/ø2.5 mm and a length of 35 cm
  • One black cable with a 3.5 mm mono jack output and a length of 35 cm
  • Three reverse polarity cables with a length of 15 cm
  • One current doubler Y parallel cable

Outputs voltage and maximum current consumption:

Outputs voltage and maximum current consumption


  • Dimensions: 11х5х9cm
  • Weight: 1Kg
  • Output voltages: 9, 12, 15, 18, 24 VDC
  • Five galvanically isolated groups
  • Outputs: 10 outputs ø5.5/ø2.1 mm center negative
  • Operation indications: 5 control LEDs
  • Mains supply: Fixed 230/240VAC or 100/110VAC
  • Custom mains 50/60Hz transformers with reduced flux density
  • Designed and handcrafted in Europe
  • Lifetime warranty

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