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Firesound V3 ultimate guitar overdrive

ultimate guitar overdrive Firesound V3

     Are you looking for a natural overdrive guitar pedal? Do you need something more than the standard three-knob classic overdrive stompbox? An effect which does not spoil the sound and has a clean and dynamic output with a nice and transparent tone? And you want that guitar effect for a booster and overdrive with a real tube sound? With nice extended control over the middles? And you want it to look nice and be different? So you want something really good and functional! You need fire in your hands, get your Firesound V3 now - the most flexible overdrive pedal!

    N-audio Firesound V3, our bestseller, is an ultimate boutique high quality 100% analog natural guitar overdrive pedal. Hand-soldered through hole components and designed uncompromisingly, this overdrive pedal guarantees excellent tube sound and flawless work in combination with a unique design which we stand by. This effect is based on the classic 3-potentiometer overdrive controls: Gain, Tone and Level, plus some extra features. Due to the innovative schematics resolutions and the high-quality parts used in N-audio Firesound V3, it provides you with a splendid, transparent and full of action tone. This small and compact pedal is ideal for boosting your tube amplifier, working with any hybrids or solid state amps or in combination with other guitar effects.

What is more, Firesound V3 has three more features which give you the flexibility to create almost any tone with your overdrive.

 3-position switch for changing 3 different presets (P marker on the right)

Firesound guitar overdrive characteristics

This unique feature changes the sound between booster, classic overdrive and fat overdrive distortion

The upper preset position - fat overdrive has more drive and fatter tone. Ideal for solo, rhythm or for bass guitar overdrive.

The middle preset position is ideal as a booster for almost all amps, drive channels or for playing funky music, country, rock, solo etc. This position has a high-pass filter that gives you a compact and clear tone. By increasing the drive, the effect sounds like a vintage germanium booster.

The lower preset position has the classic guitar overdrive frequency characteristics with a high-pass filter added to it, in order to provide you with the ideal solo tone.

Middle boost switch (M marker on the left)

   It is a switch which turns on and off the middle booster feature. This small knob on the left side of the pedal is used to control the middle frequency boost-cut.  Also, there are 4 fixed frequencies (600Hz, 700Hz, 800Hz and 1Khz), selectable from a small DIP switch at the bottom.


 True or buffered bypass

  N-audio Firesound V3 guitar overdrive pedal has a unique feature – 2 types of bypass: true bypass and buffered bypass. At the bottom of the PCB, inside the pedal, there is a small switch changing the proper bypass method. True bypass is a feature for guys who need no sound change when the pedal is off. When the pedal works with the buffered bypass, you can boost the bypass level signal up to 15dB using the small knob at the right side of the pedal.

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  • High-quality double sided gold plated PCB's. All parts are hand soldered.
  • Dimensions: W/D/H - 6.5/11.5/5.5 cm /Fits perfectly with classic BOSS size effects pedals/
  • Weight: 380gr.
  • Input impedance 1 Megaohm
  • Power consumption: 3mA
  • Works with 9V 6LR61 battery or with an external stabilized 9VDC power supply.
  • Designed and handcrafted in Europe
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Warranty: 3 years


 Usually, we ship our Firesound V3 within 1-2 days.
The time for delivery to Europe is 4-10 days, 2-4 weeks for worldwide delivery via post /registered priority mail/ and 3-6 days for worldwide delivery via EMS.

We accept almost any type of payment: Bank transfer, MoneyGram, Western Union etc. Also you can buy directly from our site via Paypal, but if you like to choose your preferred payment method, please contact us. We will try to comply with your request.


Price: 149 Euro

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