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Some of our finished custom projects.

Spencer's custom effects pedal

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A simple and very cute effects pedal project for canadian guitar player Spencer Capier. There are four effects iside: custom four way switcher and booster made by N-audio, Boss DD-5, Boss TU-2 and Radial JDI passive Di box.

Custom effects pedalboard system for Tom Barbier

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Another fairly intricate project. Tom Barbier, guitar player for Zornik, Headphone and Lemon asked us to make a custom effects pedalboard system that suits his needs. In this project we have incorporated several well-known effects connected into a complex switching system.

Custom programmable effects pedalboard system

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A very serious and complex project. Effect switching is based on the 6 channel programmable looper. Most of the effects are BOSS. On the right we have a Dunlop CryBaby and an Ernie Ball volume pedal. For this effects pedalboard system, we have utilized a specific switching system. There are outputs for an external effects loop, headphone output and 2 inputs, when needed for two guitars. This programmable effects pedalboard system is crafted for the guitar player for Mary boys band.

6 channel custom programmable looper Pepe

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Pepi from Akaga asked us for a slightly modified version of the 6-channel looper. He wanted to be able to use the looper to control an effect through send-return and to change the guitar amplifier banks. For this reason Loop 5 is a separate effect in the send-return of the amp, and Loop 6 changes the amp channels.

6 channel custom programmable looper

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This looper was made for Alex Marburg, guitar player for Ostava. As an addition to the N-audio 6 channel progammable looper, the button for changing banks is put into a separate footswitch, there is an additional tap-tempo button and a built-in A-B Box. It is painted black, according to Alex's requirements.

Custom switching controller for effectsdatabase.com

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It's a special controller for Bart Provoost, owner of effectsdatabase.com. He wanted a controler which he could use for making A-B tests with several effect pedals. This controller is an 8-channel looper. Pushing a button switches on only the required effect plugged in the coresponding loop channel.

Mosfet booster

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Mosfet booster - military style. True bypass

Germanium booster

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A classical Germanium booster. The box is a Hammond die-cast enclosure. Front panels are laser engraved in brass and black anodized aluminium sheet.

Pepe powerbox

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A custom stompbox power supply, specially crafted for Pepi Glavanov - guitar player for Akaga. This power supply is based on a toroidal transformer with 7 galvanically separated coils. It's made to power Mesa Boogie -V-twin, TC Nova delay, N-audio 6 channel foontcontroller and standart effects working at 9 volts. As an addition, it has a USA 110V output for a Fulltone CLYDE Wah.